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SUNNYDAY was created from the spirit of giving and receiving the perfect gift.  We ensure that any day, anywhere, can be sunny. 


An Eleuthera Day:  The Glass Window Bridge


An Eleuthera Day: The Glass Window Bridge

SunnyDay Mercantile

You know you're far away when this is your iPhone Ping. 





The Island of Eleuthera is 110 miles long, two miles across at it's widest, and it splits two bodies of water.  

The Glass Window Bridge is the best place to understand what a slim, rocky, slice of land this island is, while witnessing the tranquil aqua water of the Caribbean side by side with the turbulent navy waves of the Atlantic.

This was once the site of a natural rock archway that was destroyed by a hurricane.  A man made, one lane bridge now stands over the rock ledge.  

A natural wonder, and an incredible experience  to see in person because when you are standing there, in between a sea and an ocean, there is an overwhelming sense that there is nowhere else like this on Earth.  

The Caribbean - Calm and Turquoise

The Atlantic - Deep Blue and Tumultuous

It is what we imagine knowledge to be:
dark, salt, clear, moving, utterly free, drawn from the cold hard mouth of the world, derived from the rocky breasts forever, flowing and drawn, and since our knowledge is historical, flowing, and flown.
— Elizabeth Bishop

Standing between the Atlantic and the Caribbean